Richart Ruddie SEO Profile Defenders Tied to Filing Phony Lawsuits MD RI

As they say when the tide goes out you can see who is "swimming naked". The Washington Post and Public Citizen have done the business on exposing a bunch of phony law suits tied to Richart Ruddie in which forgery is alleged to have occurred.

How would you like to be the poor sucker who paid this tally wakker thousands of dollars for what turned out to be an alleged fraud? Ruddie is involved in some other businesses including some lump sum for structured settlement companies. I've always felt this guy was a punk with a shell game.

The guy is from Owings Mills Maryland and Fort Lauderdale. Why is it that so many people in Maryland in that business are schnooks.



Burnt Corn, Alabama, United States #1354699

Ruddie had to pay 71k to settle his phony lawsuit in Rhode Island. His reputation is in tatters thanks to good lawyering. Devious stuff turned into a has been.

Bitche, Grand Est, France #1307723

Don't worry the slippery eel will be back with more Rud Crud

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #1304391

Richart Ruddie was skewered by a sharp legal mind. Ruddie Duddie had to pay up and was negotiating a plea bargain with the Rhode Island United States Attorney according to what I read in the Washington Post.

What a total tool!

His reputation as a reputation manager has to take a hit. How can trust someone who can't manage his own reputation?

Lumpkin, Georgia, United States #1252063

Here is some additional information that may be helpful to Pissed Consumer readers

1. "As a result of a federal judge in Rhode Island taking a second look at an order he hastily granted earlier, Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen has been able to confirm Richart Ruddie -- the head of an extremely-sketchy reputation management company -- signed off on the forged and fraudulent documents delivered to the court.

The documents -- a bogus lawsuit featuring the forged signatures of both the plaintiff and the defendant -- are apparently just part of Profile Defenders' reputation management work".

2. "When "reputation management" becomes perjury, forgery and fraud against America's federal courts"

Levy's article seems to tie AnnuitySold the company involved in structured settlement cash outs (alluded to above) to the shenanigans.

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I didn’t like
Corners cut, Arrogance that he could get away with it
Reason of review
Fraud, Forgery alleged
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if the investigation continues to show more fraud on his part or companies he controls, Ruddie should be in jail
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